Looking at grain from behind the scene

As reported by Elaine Huang at e27 on 16 September 2014. More details can be found here.

Two weeks ago, I decided to visit Singapore-based food startup Grain to get a better understanding of its operations. 
For background, Grain is a food delivery service that caters to the busy working professional in Singapore’s Central Business District. It was launched about six weeks ago. As of August 20, it has served more than 5,000 meals.
Its opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 11 AM to 2 PM.
Customers order online, pay via Stripe, and pick up their lunches at a specific timing or in 15 minutes’ time.
Here’s my experience shadowing the startup for half a day: By 8 AM, chefs Ahjie and Isaac are ready for war with apron strings tied. Carefully, they sort out food items prepared last evening, knowing that most of the meals will have to be packed by 10.45 AM.
Most days, Grain’s menu is made up of two options. That very Thursday, the chefs were preparing Seared Flank Steak Salad with Blue Cheese and Assam Chicken with Black Rice.
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