With Powerful Backers, HaloDoc wants to Improve Access to Healthcare in Indonesia

As reported in Tech in Asia on 9 September 2016 by Nadine Freischlad. More details can be found here.

Indonesia’s healthcare system leaves a lot to be desired, especially in rural areas where qualified doctors and medicine are hard to find. Some believe taking healthcare online can help solve the problem. Everyone could access basic health information, consult with doctors, and order medicine online.

A number of startups want to make this a reality. Sites like Klikdokter, Alodokter, Prosehat, Tanyadok, Udoctor, and Dokter.id each offer combinations of health advice, doctor and hospital reviews, one-on-one online consultations, or medicine delivery.

And there’s HaloDoc, a relatively new player with big plans to improve all facets of online healthcare. The app launched early this year.

Today, HaloDoc announced that it’s raised money from Singaporean private equity firm Clermont and NSI Ventures, an early-stage investment fund part of North Star Group.

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