Singaporean Healthy Food Startup Grain Rebrands to 'food that delights', Cuts Prices

As reported by Yon Heong Tung at e27 on 5 October 2016. More details can be found here.

Singapore-based healthy food delivery startup Grain is rebranding itself to a company that delivers delicious but healthy food. Grain Co-Founder Yi Sung Yong believes that this brand refresh — which may come off as unduly subtle — is a necessary step forward for the company.
“From the start, we always stood for the few things–delicious, healthy, fast and affordable,” Sung told e27.
Sung gave some examples of healthy but delicious food including the “‘Slow Braised Beef and Duck Confit (on beetroot lasagne)’.
Another popular dish–Dry Laksa–has also been treated with a healthy makeover. “Instead of using the traditional laksa gravy (coconut milk, chilli oil, sambal paste, etc.), we steamed winter melon for it to be used as a binding agent with our dry laksa paste.”
Additionally, the starting price of food has been lowered from S$10.95 (US$8.00) to S$8.95 (US$6.50).
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