Singapore-based Big Data Startup to Enter Japan Through New Investment

As reported in The Straits Times, 24 February 2016 by Michael Tegos. More details can be found here.

Singapore-based big data startup Crayon Data announced today it received a cash injection by Japanese general trading conglomerate Mitsui & Co. The amount invested in the startup is undisclosed.
The deal opens the way into the country for Crayon, that “hopes to soon map the tastes of Japan.” As in other territories, the startup says it will focus on banks, hotels, advertising, and media. Mitsui will also put Crayon’s tech to use in its own subsidiaries.
The startup currently has offices in Singapore, Chennai, London, New York, and Dubai.
The company’s flagship product, called Maya, is a tool that helps businesses offer personalized choices to their customers. It does this through what Crayon calls a “consumer taste fabric” – the result of a set of systems and algorithms working on a multitude of data to produce unique insights.
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