Interview with Chope's CEO Arrif Ziaudeen

As reported in The Straits Times, 4 September 2016 by Bryna Singh. More details can be found here.

Because he runs an online restaurant reservation platform, many people think that Mr Arrif Ziaudeen, 35, eats at restaurants a lot. He used to visit featured restaurants, take pictures and write reviews himself.
The Singaporean, who has an MBA from Stanford University, co-founded Chope with two others in 2011, with the aim of making dining out easier.
The idea came to him in 2011 when he was having coffee with a friend. He recalls lamenting that "you can book everything online, but not restaurants", and they spoke about setting up a website to do so.
His friend suggested the name "Chope" and, upon realising that the Internet address had not yet been taken, Mr Ziaudeen bought it for $12.
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